Music and Marketing

My name is Rob Mac and I am a founder of Startup Music and Start-Up Music Mentor.


The first of these is a music production company with over 30 years experience in music production, audio engineering,

songwriting and arranging.


I have been blessed to have worked with some of the best in the business and at the highest level.


I now, assist artists around the globe achieve their desired sound.  More importantly, I help educate them throughout the process on how to become truly independent in their creativity so that they can work self sufficiently at their craft.


 Startup Music Mentor is a Marketing Consultancy tailored specifically to the Arts and again guides the client to be self-sufficient in their marketing endeavors by acting as a mentor and guide through the various processes of online and traditional marketing.


We Have worked with people all over the world and have clients in the USA, Europe, UK and as far away as Australia.



Over time I have had impressive results.


I have been a founder of one of the leading media colleges in my territory .


I have my own No 1 Record.


My own Gold Disc, Platinum Disc, radio and chart recordings with excellent reviews for both my own work and my production work.


I have worked with international artists at the beginning of their careers.


I was a Co-founder of Pulse College/Pulse recording studios who have had major clients such as Moya Brennan, Aslan, New Order, B'witched, Mark Walton (Vietnam Idol), during my time there and the list goes on. 


 I have work on TV and Film projects as well with one of my productions being place on a major TV campaign (Daft.ie (Stages of Life ).



I was signed as an artist/writer to Zomba music who had mega artists on their roster.


The list of people I have worked is far-reaching but here is a small sample.


( I forget how many there's been that many. )


Producers and Artists worked with: (just a sample )


Thomas Cameron (Cameron Mills ) Classical Tenor ( classical Brit awards nominee ) produced debut album and ran a marketing campaign that cumulated in the nomination 


The Beatles book "Behind the Wall of Illusion "and the Phil Spector book "Sounds of the Sixties ". secured publishing for both books





James Oliver NOMW. ( watch this space with this guy early next year)  (UK)


Adrian Howe (Australia)


Damian Bamforth (UK)


Tony Bardon (Ireland) 


Aine Carroll (Ireland )


Gary Methany( USA) 


Merlot Embargo( USA )


Amber Wilding Stone ( UK)


Adam Smith  (USA )


Georgia Omarah (UK)


Clemen Hoffman ( Holland )


Del Hunt (NZ)


Mark Tomlinson (UK)


Thomas Erikson (Sweden )


John o Reagan   (Ireland )


John Tickin  (USA)


Helen Hardy (Ireland )


And Many More 





Mark Walton (judge on Vietnam idol),


 Marco Sabiu (Tanita Tikaram), 


Chris Potter (The Verve, Keane),


Patrick Phillips ("Peter Gabriel  "Rag and Bone Man"),


Scott Barnett ( Mix Engineer Real-world),


Alex Gordan (Abbey Road ),


Kevin Casey, 


Canci Song (Daft .ie tv ad campaign),


Roberta Howett (X- factor  finalist series 1(charted )),


Doug Sheridan (produced and engineered songs from outside the house, Doug had a song placed in the Love/Hate T.V. series ), 


The Kill City Defectors (recorded and produced the first album),


Nicky Shira Byrne (Shira Vocal Coaching),


Rain (No 1 and Gold disc ),


Tom Whyte,


B'witched ( presented with platinum disc for my contribution ),


The Mysterious Chords, 






Grapevine records,


among many many others.


Studios worked in ( amongst others).


Real World Studios (Peter Gabriel),


Abbey Road,




The Dairy, 


Grouse Lodge,


Battery Studios, 


Pulse Recording,






and many others 




Worked with


Z Management, 


Bizarre Management (Matthais Seifert), 


Dave Bascombe (Tears for Fears),


 Keith Harris (Stevie Wonder’s management), 


Ben Durling (signed The Killers for Warner),


 Chris Potter (The Verve, Keane),


 Ruari Cushnan (Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons),


 Greg Freeman (Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp),


 Nick Dunn (Horus Music),


Ulrich Schnauss,


DEAF Festival,


Patrick Philips ( Peter Gabriel),


Scott Barnett (Real world ),


Secured Licensing deal for Mysterious chords with "do it "management and records.


Secured Gold disc and Two weeks At No 1 for band" Rain".


Secured publishing deal for "Rain" with major  UK publisher  Zomba music.


Secured several national chart positions for the artist "Rain" 

Secured several European tours for "Rain".


Organized several showcases

Gigs for numerous artists for international record labels and managers. 


Thomas Cameron online presence, web development and social media, tour planning, music production, and album marketing campaign.


Merlot Embargo marketing advisor.


And much, much, much, more so much, in fact, I have forgotten and regularly forget to include important events so this list may be added to as I go on.


Anyway, the purpose of the website is to continuously provide great information for you the subscriber as well as offer you a means to connect with me if you would like me to work with you on your specific project.


So until we connect all the best.

©2018 by Start-Up Music Mentor Limited