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About  Startup Creative Arts and Business academy  

Startup music, arts and business consultancy was formed in 2018 by Rob MacLeod . Since then the team has been joined by other highly effective and experienced members and partners who have worked in music, businesses in the arts, SME’s and corporate business and authorship.


We have helped clients in music, arts and start up business  all over the world to increase productivity and revenue by improving their product and branding, increase online global and local audiences and client bases. We have worked with clients across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.


In addition to our one-to-one client work, we provide a one-stop online training and membership community platform where we have a wealth of knowledge mapped out and presented to you as simple easy-to-follow tutorials/webinars and community based training.


Our team members have remarkable achievements in their areas of expertise and now you can access all that experience and expertise here on one simple easy-to-use platform. 


We have developed a simple yet powerful process based on three basic principles:

Developing your products and services 

Build your global and local audiences 

Increase your revenues


All of our training is focused on progressing clients through this process.


Below is information on the three key areas we operate in:


Music and Media 


Start-up  business and SME Development 


We have worked with clients from the Music/Arts and business sectors.


We have achieved some great results helping our clients to build their global audiences and also helping many to improve their revenue streams - but don’t take our word for it: check out the testimonials from many of our clients below!

A few of our clients were so impressed they became part of our team.


Some of our past and present clients include:


Thomas Cameron, Classical Brit Award nominee (UK)


Aine Carroll, Auditioned on the live shows in The Voice, UK (Ireland)  


Dr Micheal Hefferon, Author (Canada)


Adrian Howe, Music Artist and Videographer (Australia) 


James Oliver, Music producer and artist (UK)


Emily Davis, Pop artist, worked with Simon Ellis (UK)


Thomas Eriksson, Music Artist and Film maker (Sweden) 


Tony Bardon, Founder of the songwriting collective, Ireland National Song Competition finalist (Ireland)


Anna Carmody, Little Red Edu (augmented reality educational apps company supported by Leo new frontiers programme) (Ireland)


Amber Wilding Stone, Rock Artist and graphic designer (UK)


John Tickin, Blues artist (USA)


Gary Matheany, Songwriter (USA)


Chris Kenny, Recording studio (Scotland)


Sherin Sebastian, Yo-face (Loyalty face recognition start-up tech company (Ireland)


Leon bamforth, Highly successful business consultant and public speaker (UK)


Pat fagan, Music school and music artist (Ireland)


...and many more! You can see even more in the testimonials and reviews on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/startupmusicmentor 


Also click on the picture to see the individual biographie’s of team members and partners they are impressive 


Join our subscription membership and open the door for a vast array of support and help from ourselves and our community in many many areas.


Our courses and educational materials are always being updated to bring you the latest knowledge and cover the latest industry developments. We are continuously adding new related subjects that you can tap in to to improve your overall game plan.


We look forward to seeing you inside, and helping you to become another one of our success stories.


We hope to see you in our training courses and webinars!


Personnel and strategic partners 




Robert MacLeod  CEO and founder 


My name is Rob MacLeod. I am the founder of Startup music arts and business academy and  our parent company Startup Music Mentor Limited.


I have over 30 years of expertise and experience in the fields of marketing, business development, training, music production and audio engineering.


I am also a songwriter and performer, and have enjoyed many successes during my career.


I now help artists and businesses in the arts and also in various other sectors - I help educate them throughout the process of how to become truly independent in their creativity and business endeavours so that they can work self sufficiently at their craft or business.


I also help them to be self-sufficient in their marketing endeavors by acting as a mentor and guide through the various processes of online and traditional marketing.


I have worked with people all over the world and I have clients in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada and as far away as Australia.


I have worked with a vast array of clients as a trainer and one to one mentor including music artists, authors, music schools, music producers, recording studios, SME businesses, tech and consultancy based companies.


Over time I have enjoyed very impressive results.


I have been a founder of a leading media college.


I have my own No.1 Record.


My own Gold Disc, Platinum Disc, radio and chart recordings with excellent reviews for both my own work and my production work.


I have worked with international artists at the beginning of their careers.


I was a Co-founder of Pulse College/Pulse recording studios who have had major clients such as Moya Brennan, Aslan, New Order, B'witched, Mark Walton (Vietnam Idol), during my time there -  the list goes on!


I was an owner of Sonic eye media studios, an SSL based studio and multi media training centre.


I  Have built  one of these companies  to  a value  of almost   seven figures.  


I have also worked on TV and Film projects with one of my productions being placed on a major TV campaign (Daft.ie (Stages of Life).


I was signed as an artist/writer to Zomba music who had mega artists on their roster.


I secured publishing for both of the following books:

The Beatles book "Behind the Wall of Illusion" and 

Phil Spector book "Sounds of the Sixties". 


A few of the producers and artists I have worked with include:


Thomas Cameron (Cameron Mills) Classical Tenor ( classical Brit awards nominee ): produced debut album and ran a marketing campaign which culminated in the Brit Award nomination. 


Some recent clients  


James Oliver NOMW (UK) Adrian Howe (Australia) Damian Bamforth (UK)

Tony Bardon (Ireland) Aine Carroll (Ireland) Gary Methany (USA)  Merlot Embargo (USA)

Amber Wilding Stone (UK) Adam Smith  (USA)Emily Davis  (UK)

Anna Carmody  and Little Red Edu  (Ireland) Del Hunt (NZ )Mark Tomlinson (UK)

Thomas Erikson (Sweden) John O’ Reagan   (Ireland) John Tickin  (USA) and many more 

Industry people i have worked with 

Mark Walton (judge on Vietnam idol)


 Marco Sabiu (Tanita Tikaram) 


Chris Potter (The Verve, Keane)


Patrick Phillips ("Peter Gabriel  "Rag and Bone Man")


Scott Barnett ( Mix Engineer Real-world)


Alex Gordan (Abbey Road)


Canci Song (Daft .ie tv ad campaign)


Roberta Howett (X- factor finalist series 1(charted))


Doug Sheridan (produced and engineered songs from Outside The House, Doug had a song placed in the Love/Hate T.V. series) 


The Kill City Defectors (recorded and produced the first album)


Nicky Shira Byrne (Shira Vocal Coaching)


Rain (No 1 and Gold disc)


Aine carroll (The Voice Uk)


Tom Whyte


B'witched (presented with platinum disc for my contribution)


The Mysterious Chords 



Major labels I have worked with include:






Grapevine records




Studios worked in (amongst others):


Real World Studios (Peter Gabriel)


Abbey Road




The Dairy 


Grouse Lodge


Battery Studios


Pulse Recording






...and many others.



I have also worked with:


Kildare arts council 




Little Red EDU 


Z Management, 


Bizarre Management (Matthais Seifert), 


Dave Bascombe (Tears for Fears),


Keith Harris (Stevie Wonder’s management), 


Ben Durling (signed The Killers for Warner),


Chris Potter (The Verve, Keane),


Ruari Cushnan (Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons),


Greg Freeman (Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp),


Nick Dunn (Horus Music),


Ulrich Schnauss,


DEAF Festival,


Patrick Philips ( Peter Gabriel),


Scott Barnett (Real world ),


Secured Licensing deal for Mysterious chords with "do it "management and records.


Secured Gold disc and Two weeks At No 1 for band" Rain".


Secured publishing deal for "Rain" with major  UK publisher  Zomba music.


Secured several national chart positions for the artist "Rain" 

Secured several European tours for "Rain".


Organized several showcases

Gigs for numerous artists for international record labels and managers. 


Thomas Cameron online presence, web development and social media, tour planning, music production, and album marketing campaign.


 And much, much, much, more, so much, in fact, I have forgotten and regularly forget to include important events so this list may be added to as I go on.


Anyway, the purpose of the website is to continuously provide great information for you as a subscriber, as well as offer you a means to connect with me if you would like me to work with you on your specific project.


Leon Bamforth 



In 2015 Leon had an experience that changed his life and his focus. Just a few months later Leon had more than doubled his income and went from not even knowing a Professional Speaker existed to winning, in 2018, the most prestigious speaking competition in the UK: the Professional Speaking Association’s SpeakerFactor. He achieved all this whilst being a happily married father of five (I know, you’re thinking: five kids? Just imagine how much farther he could have gone if someone had told him about birth control!)  


Leon has led and facilitated multi-million pound (GBP) large scale transformation programmes for large and multinational corporations. Working in business is a big part of what he does. His proven track record makes him an in demand business consultant who makes change smooth and impactful. Leon specialises in empowering teams to own change rather than be change victims.


When Leon helps leaders like you grow their business by having a laser focus of what they are moving towards and away from and having practical ways to really engage staff and stop avoiding conflict you know he walks the talk.


As a former business tools software developer, Leon realised that, despite the default solution to a business problem being more technology, this can make the problem worse. This was driven home with his academic studies showing the massively high failure rate of IT projects. Many business problems do not need more technology but more humanity. Improving communication within and between teams, through better listening to our emotional and human needs, can increase productivity and profits without any costly investment in new technology.  


As a recovering techie, Leon was an expert in the art of not listening and thought emotions were for normal people. He has since come to the light and has learnt to let go of the irrational belief that he is rational and instead listens for the deep emotions that drive us all. If he can throw off his anorak, imagine what you could do!


In 2014, Leon was awarded a distinction in a Masters in Informatics by Leeds University so you can be sure he is grounded in science but committed to what works. Leon makes sure you get evidence and results based training. 



Adrian Howe 



Adrian Howe is an independent musician and Videographer from western Australia.



Thomas Cameron 


'Singing sensation' Thomas Cameron is a charismatic young English tenor, whose powerful voice has been described as having velvet-like qualities and is making waves in the world of classical music. 


He is also a master of social media marketing and has recently set up his own training school for music 


Thomas has worked with a number of people on his latest works, including Irish music producer Robert Macleod (Universal, Grapevine Records, Bwitched) and sound engineer Scott Barnett (Peter Gabriel, Beyoncé), recording at the world famous Real World Studios, owned by Peter Gabriel. 


He has also worked with the likes of Alex Gordon (Kate Nash, Sigrid) at the world famous studio Abbey Road, when mastering his debut album. 


After recording his first album in 2018, Thomas successfully secured a ten date summer tour across the United Kingdom and Ireland at an array of different festivals. 


One of the highlights of this summer tour, included two appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he performed at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre and Stockbridge Church, two of the finest venues in Edinburgh.


Another highlight was selling out two shows on the Isle of Wight for the Ventnor Fringe Festival. 


Thomas Cameron was nominated for a Classical Brit Award at the 2018 ceremony held at The Royal Albert Hall. He was entered into the 'Sound of Classical Poll' category, shining a light on the future of classical music. 


On 12th July 2018, the first single 'Bring Him Home' from Thomas Cameron's debut album 'The Voice of Thomas Cameron' was launched at Buckland House to a sold out audience. 


In June 2018, Thomas Cameron made his debut appearance on BBC Radio, appearing on BBC Radio Devon on 16th June and premiering his debut single 'Bring Him Home'. The following month, Thomas made his debut television appearance on BBC One, being interviewed on BBC Spotlight about his career to date and his first single 'Bring Him Home'. 


During October 2018, Thomas worked with a number of composers across the globe, working closely with them to help bring their compositions to life. He was blown away by their talents and was delighted to feature on a number of their compositions. 


On 1st November 2018, the second single 'Nothing Lasts Forever', an original song written in collaboration with Irish singer/songwriter Pat Fagan, was released at the stunning Buckland House to yet another sold out audience.


As his Irish fan base has grown, Thomas has played a number of prestigious venues in Ireland. 

He performed at the 'Cork Arts Theatre' in November 2018, as well as 'The Forge' in Limerick in December 2018 to a sold out audience. 


In July 2019, one of Thomas' largest concert successes to date took place where he performed a headline show to a sold out audience in the world renowned National Concert Hall of Ireland (pictured to the right), principal national venue for classical music concerts in Ireland. Thomas was joined on the stage by special guest, Irish singer/songwriter Pat Fagan where they performed Thomas' second single 'Nothing Lasts Forever' written by Pat himself. 

Thomas is delighted to have been asked to return in 2020 for another performance. 


Thomas has signed his first management contract with Start Up Music Management and is delighted to be working closely with his new manager Robert Macleod on a number of exciting projects.


Thomas is very pleased to be a Brand Ambassador for the wonderful Marc Darcy Suits, London based shirt manufacturer Just Winston and the unique Bow Tie company, Bow Dickie Designs.  Visit the 'Media' page now to see Thomas wearing some of their latest designs.


Summer 2019 saw Thomas touring the UK and Ireland with 20 headline shows, including shows at The Reading Minster, The Old Theatre Royal Bath, Stockbridge Church Edinburgh and many others with a number of sold out shows and added dates due to demand.

He also attended many festivals, which saw him return to The Ventnor Fringe festival, where he was yet again greeted with two sell out audiences at the Ventnor Arts Club, as well as taking part in The Shaftesbury Fringe Festival with a performance at the beautiful Shaftesbury Arts Centre.


Thomas also took part in the Reading, Great Yorkshire, Bath, Ludlow and Galway Fringe. 


After performing at The Galway Fringe Festival 2019, Thomas was awarded the 'Best Live Music' award, for his performance at the festival.


The music videos for Thomas' latest releases have been well received worldwide on his social media channels and with all the views combined, he is heading for nearly half a million views.


His performance of 'Bring Him Home' from the world famous 'Les Misérables' also saw Thomas being nominated for the Insure4Music 'Best in Music Award 2019'.  


Since returning from his summer tour, Thomas has began working with a number of songwriters from across the globe on some very exciting projects. These include songwriters from Sweden, America, Australia and Ireland. This has led to Thomas expanding into other countries and growing a fanbase in different corners of the world, with a number of developments in these countries for 2020 already. 


November 2019 saw the successful global release of Thomas Cameron's debut album, with copies being sent to the UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Spain.


Thomas has also been involved with a charity single release, that climbed the Amazon Music Chart reaching number 2, as well as reaching number 25 on the UK iTunes pop chart. 


Thomas’s online popularity continues to soar with two chart placings in the amazon download charts for his recent single his facebook page has recently been monetized and his online performances on Facebook live has resulted in an explosion in page engagement (50000 engagements in April ) resulting in consistent album sales weekly .


We are now looking at a date in the Sydney Opera houses Uzton room for next year, and the story continues!


Sean Macleod 


Sean Macleod is a published author with two books published by “Bowman and Little Field” and his last book published by the Limerick Writers Centre.


Sean is a lecturer in communications and is currently finishing his PhD in Music.


He is also a musician and songwriter and has independently released several albums over the years. 


Patrick phillips,  Mix consultant 


Patrick Phillips 

PP Biography 110520 




Patrick Phillips is a Mix / Recording Engineer from the South West of England. He is currently based out of his studio in Bristol. 

Patrick worked as an Engineer at Abbey Road Studios before becoming the Senior Engineer at Real World Studios. He has worked across the industry on all scales of projects from live performance production to Hollywood budget film scoring to album tracking & mixing. 

He likes experimenting with sound and can mostly be found in his studio with a dusty array of tape machines and such tools to facilitate this. 

Selected Clients: 

Rag n Bone Man 

Alicia Keys


Sir Paul McCartney 


Kate Bush 

Tom Jones 

Nick Mulvey 


Damian  Bamforth 


Damian is an IT Consultant and Composer from the UK.


As a composer, Damian recorded his debut album at Realworld studios and mastered it at Abbey Road last year and then began a year of intensive fan building culminating in a sold out performance at the National Concert Hall.


As an IT professional he is  highly experienced, offering a wide range of skills that are both hands-on, technical and scientific. Specialist areas include High Performance Computer Support, deploying, managing and maintaining services used by 40,000+ users utilising over 400 computer servers.


Over 20 years of experience delivering technical solutions, consultancy and managed services. Excellent technical and communication skills with a proven record of delivering consistent high-quality work.


Billy Mulhearn 


Billy is an accounting practitioner with a difference.

As well as heading up his own accountancy firm he is also a talented lyricist who is currently in the process of producing his first collaboration for the musical project Double Tear.

Billy is invaluable for the team when it comes to financial planning and know how.

He has many many years experience in the financial advisory area.

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