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General Introduction video
General Introduction
arranging intro
Heres where you start arranging video
Heres where you start songwriting tutorial
Songwriting inrto part 2
Music stave
The scales
Roman numeral chordal system
Borrowed chords basic idea
key signature /time signature
timing and note vales
circle of fifths
Some standard chord structures
Starting the Song tutorial
Melody of the song
Writing the lyrics
Arranging the drums
Bass and Acoustics turotial
Piano tutorial
rhythm and arpeggio guitars
woodwinds and harp
cello and bond guitar
Strings Brass and lead
Vocals and backing vocals
Sum Up
End of Phase one
End of Phase one
IN TIME NOT MASTERED - Iamrain Rob macleod
00:00 / 00:00
How to get an idea for a song
Introduction to phase 2 arranging and songwriting
Using dom 7th chord
Dom 7th chord part 2
Borrowed Chords
More videos soon

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