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General Introduction video
muaic recording you start ghere
Music recording you start here tutorial
daw desk/analogue desk comparision
ssl desk channel strip /daw over view tutorial
the recording ection of the daw /edit section
Basic recording section of the daw tutorial
Mix Section of the Daw
How sound works tutorial
Some audio qualities tutorial
The Masking effect and why its important
EQ plug in tutorial
Frequency spectrum of instruments intro
The comperessor
the noise gate
Amp simulator
The Reverb unit
The Delay unit
Recording of Drums
Recording the Bass
Recording the acoustics
Recording the electric guitars
recording the piano and orchestral instruments
Recording the vocals
Autotuning the vocals
In to The Light Laptop Mix - IAMRAIN Rob MacLeod
00:00 / 00:00
hi end mix in to the light by Patrick Phillips (rag n bone man) - IAMRAIN (Rob MacLeod )
00:00 / 00:00
Audio recording and mixing introduction to phase 2
Mixing the track from audio point of view
Audio mix part 2
Track two starting with the daw
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