General Introduction video
General Introduction video
Watch this first
here is where you start
Here is wher you start tutorial
producing your own music versus producing your own music
Producing your own/clients music tutorial
Producing your own/clients music part 2
Guide to production set up part 1
A guide to production set up part 1
A guide to production set up part 2
A guide to production set up part 2
Guide to production set up part 3
Guide to production set up part 3
drums production part 1
Drums production tutorial part 1
drums production part 2
Drums production tutorial part 2
bass production tutorial
Bass Production tutorial
acoustic guitar production
Acoustic Guitar production tutorial
piano production tutorial
Piano production tutorial
orchestral producton
Orchestral production tutorial
electric guitars tutorial
Electric guitars production tutorials
vocal production video
vocal production video
Tuning vocals tutorial
mix production video
Mix production tutorial part 1
Mix production tutorial part 2
Introducing Patrick Phillips
Advance mix with Patrick Phillips (Realworld ,RagnBone Man
End of phase one
In to the light laptop mix - iamrain (Robert Mac Leod )
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In to The light Hi end mi by Patrick Phillips (Realworld ,Rag n bone man ) - I am Rain Rob mac Leod
00:00 / 00:00
in to the light mastered mp3 mix - I am rain rob macleod
00:00 / 00:00
Introduction to Phase 2 music production
Comparing the mixes and masters
intermediate production introducing second song
Genral talk on recording with Patrick Phillips (Realworld/Abbey Road
Genersal talk on mixing with Patrick Phillips (Realworld /Abbey road )
More videos coming soon

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